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a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games

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To learn more about the Fantasy Pot Odds, our Draft Card Cheat Sheet and our subscription options, visit www.
At the same time, the card cheat is glancing furtively around to make sure no one is watching while he pulls an extra ace of clubs from his belt.
Meanwhile, back at the casino, a group of card cheats are working the blackjack tables, and there's a dead stripper in one of the suites.
Just as Las Vegas casino operators are looking for card cheats and roulette wheel tampering, the pachinko operators are looking for scamsters trying to manipulate machines to increase payouts.
6 million contract) in uncovering the evidence against the health card cheats.
Both Grassley and Horn also decried lax efforts to prosecute credit card cheats.
This includes white-collar offenders, credit card cheats and other nonviolent offenders.
THOUSANDS of Irish tourists are believed to have been the victims of an international gang of bank and credit card cheats.
armed forces during WW11 to conduct seminars and write articles in military newspapers that taught folks in uniform how to protect themselves from card cheats.
SHOPKEEPERS have a new weapon in the war against bank card cheats.