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a small tumor (benign or malignant) arising from the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract

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Carcinoid syndrome, characterized by intermittent flushing, diarrhea and wheezing, is present in 5% to 7% of carcinoid tumors originating in the small bowel.
Neuroendocrine tumors, carcinoid tumors, and carcinoid syndrome (CS)
Bronchopulmonary carcinoid tumors associated with Cushing's syndrome: a more aggressive variant of typical carcinoid.
We present the case of an atypical carcinoid tumor of lung origin metastasizing to a known pituitary adenoma.
We describe what we believe is the first reported case of an atypical carcinoid tumor, or any other type of neuroendocrine carcinoma, of the uvula.
Pathological evaluation showed parathormone negative, chromogranin positive stained neoplastic cells that eventually proved to be a carcinoid tumor.
Lung is also a common site of carcinoid tumors, which account for 30% of well-differentiated NETs in the body.
Differential diagnosis between carcinoid tumors including bronchial carcinoids and paraganglioma is difficult as they may show similar appearance.
NET is described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a diverse mixture of tumors that include pancreatic NET and carcinoid tumors.
Corticotropin-secreting carcinoid tumors of the thymus: diagnostic unreliability of thymic venous sampling.
Through state cancer registries and national death indexes researchers noted the development of 60 adenocarcinomas and 80 carcinoid tumors of the small intestine.
Two proposed staging systems would divide patients who have rectal and colon carcinoid tumors, respectively, into statistically significant prognostic groups based on survival data, Dr.
Size-exclusion chromatography profiles of plasma samples from patients with midget carcinoid tumors showed that the majority of the CgA(340[right arrow]) immunoreactivity eluted from a Sepharose HR 12 column with coefficients of distribution (Kds) of 0.
Calhoun K, Toth-Fejel S, Cheek J, Pommier R Serum peptide profiles in patients with carcinoid tumors.