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Synonyms for carbonyl

a compound containing metal combined with carbon monoxide

relating to or containing the carbonyl group

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fasciculata and isoquercitrin reduced the levels of protein carbonylation below those of the control when yeast cells were stressed with hydrogen peroxide.
Nitric oxide-induced carbonylation of Bcl-2, GAPDH and ANT precedes apoptotic events in insulin-secreting RINmSF cells.
Table 99: Acetic Acid Production in China: Percentage Breakdown of Production by Process Type - Methanol Carbonylation, Ethylene Acetaldehyde, and Ethanol Acetaldehyde (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-48
com/reports/c84619) has announced the addition of "Modern Carbonylation Methods" to their offering.
BP informed that SaaBre(TM) is expected to deliver a marked reduction in variable manufacturing costs, and will also results in capital efficiencies, compared to the current carbonylation of methanol route.
To serve its different customers Novasep Synthesis has developed know-how and innovative technologies using: Hazardous Chemistry: Azide, Diborane, Diazomethane, Ozonolysis, Carbonylation, Asymmetric technologies: Asymmetric Chemistry, Preparative Chromatography, Synthesis and Purification of Highly Potent Molecules and multi-step, multi-ton synthesis.
Methanol carbonylation accounts for the vast majority of acetic acid production, and the share has been increasing over time as this process is the most cost-competitive of the on-purpose acetic acid production routes.
II-9 Table 1: Global Acetic Acid Production by Technology (2013): Percentage Breakdown of Production Capacity for Acetaldehyde Oxidation, Ethyl Alcohol, Methanol Carbonylation and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).
Developed by BASF and improved by Monsanto in the 1960s, carbonylation of methanol catalyzed by rhodium currently represents the most popular technology for its industrial production.
Taken together, perturbation of the redox homeostasis by MAL-A was greater in MOLT3 than MCF7 and A549, via to its dual ability to enhance generation of ROS as also deplete the antioxidant components which may downstream cause cellular damage in terms of protein carbonylation and/or DNA damage (Manna et al.
Acetic acid is one of the carboxylic acid that is mainly obtained from methanol through various processes, for instance carbonylation.
Protein carbonylation and water-holding capacity of pork subjected to frozen storage: Effect of muscle type, premincing, and packaging.