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The descriptions of chondrichthyan microremains collected from several stratigraphic levels of the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous of Belarus are presented in this paper.
Bore hole data suggested that the glacial body during Carboniferous was extended from south to north in Peninsular-India from Aravalli Range to Salt Range.
AGE: Late Carboniferous, Early Pennsylvanian (Langsettian), Lancaster Formation, Cumberland Group.
By analogy with the Korat syncline, a complex system of graben may be present and may be filled with Upper Carboniferous to Lower Permian and Upper Permian to Middle Triassic terrigenous-carbonate and volcanoclastic units, with a total thickness exceeding 1000m.
CO2storage in carboniferous formations and abandoned coal mines; proceedings.
It dates back to the Carboniferous period, 354 to 290 million years ago.
This event occurred during the Carboniferous Period.
Tests conducted in the Carboniferous reservoir F1A of exploration well ZCH-1ext produced a gas flow of 19,500 m3 / h and a condensate flow of 4.
Carboniferous sea, beautiful as any in a rising sun, and here and
He could hardly have envisaged that a monster had been born, a slave to the black gold oil deposits that had been laid down millions of years ago with the fallen and rotting forests of the carboniferous world.
He describes the process by which feed streams such as refuse grain, sawdust, food grade animal bone meal, food processing by-products are converted and valorized into added-value agrocarbon carboniferous products.
The droplets, or blebs, date to the Carboniferous period, when swampy forests of ferns and giant lycopod trees dominated the Earth.
The aim of the project is to develop proven reserves in the Carboniferous, Visean Age ('B Sands') reservoir and, as with the first two new-generation wells drilled, MEX-106 and SV-58, to also extend the well deeper into Tournasian Age horizons ( the 'T Sands'), also in the Carboniferous, with the aim of appraising further gas potential.
Dr Kille said: "We will look at the fascinating rocks of Carboniferous age which are exposed along the shore at Cocklawburn beach.
The Brymbo fossils date from the carboniferous period, before flowering plants.