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a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances

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Annually, on a per capita basis, India does not release even 2 tonnes of carbondioxide equivalent, while the developed world has in some cases almost 20 tonnes per person.
Recently, the 5,000- square-metre roof of the Paul VI auditorium was covered with 2,400 solar panels to produce 300 kilowatt hours of energy a year, cutting carbondioxide emissions by about 225 tons.
The figures show that power stations are them a in source of carbondioxide in Wales, accounting for a third of the total.
Carbondioxide and Ethylene evolution in the Culture atmosphere of Magnolia cultured in vitro.
Formation of methane from carbondioxide and hydrogen by the rumen methanogens is a multi-step metabolic process involving several enzymes and methyl coenzyme M reductase terminates the reduction process.
Two weeks later, TXU announced that it would build only three of the proposed plants and that it was committed to reducing carbondioxide emissions at its existing facilities.
For example, a student might ask about the age of the earth during a lecture on carbondioxide measurements from two hundred thousand-year-old Greenland ice cores.
The Government must now rethink its own strategy for tackling climate change, and quickly set out the steps that will dramatically cut carbondioxide emissions from industry, transport and power generation in this country where alarmingly emissions are starting to rise.
The DMFC's only byproducts are carbondioxide in amounts similar to exhaled breath or water vapor.
The current squabbling whether decisive measures should be taken to reduce carbondioxide emissions or not, is only one example.
Accumulation of carbondioxide and methan in the atmosphere, global warming and destruction of the ozon layer are commonly known and well documented phenomena.
We strongly suspect that the carbondioxide enters Lakes Nyos and Monoun through submerged soda [carbonated] springs,' says William C.
The UK has pledged to derive 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020 and reduce carbondioxide emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050.
Tenders are invited for Co2 Gas Carbondioxide Gas Is:307/1966 Rev.