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a toxic white soluble crystalline acidic derivative of benzene

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They take me back to just after the Second World War and all the things my mum and dad used to do, such as washing with carbolic soap.
The actor - who played cult hero Ianto - was asked to help out with a show by rappers The Carbolic Sound System.
The plan calls for cleaning up a former carbolic acid plant and uranium processing factory at Nelson Parade in Hunters Hill, the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
The shop, named Emerald Stores after the ground floor Emerald unit where it is based, features old-fashioned items like carbolic soap and egg powder.
Back in the 1950s the only thing you had was carbolic soap, and I don't think we had the health problems we're getting now.
Earlier, an infant was confirmed dead after birth since carbolic acid was used instead of an antiseptic liquid to sterilize during delivery.
Authorities have been closely monitoring the river since late Saturday night, when a tanker truck overturned on a highway near the river, resulting in the spillage of the truck's load of carbolic acid.
There have been several attempts to rubbish the claims, including an allegation that his wounds were self-inflicted by him rubbing carbolic acid into his hands.
It was obvious to Lister that some chemical means must be used to destroy the bacteria and, after much experimentation, he used carbolic acid.
In examining the process and formula for making vaccines, we find they contain poisons such as glycerine, carbolic acid, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, and the toxic pus of diseased animals, humans or eggs.
Every discipline has its legends and lore, but medicine has a series of inspirational moments in which someone, be it Lister and his carbolic acid wound dressing or Donald Wilson and his efforts to open medical education to minorities, saved lives.
A bottle of carbolic acid, from which an ounce of the liquid had been extracted, was found next to her body, as well as a cup which smelt strongly of the acid.
According to the article in COUNTRYSIDE, Snaketan[R] ingredients include denatured alcohol and carbolic acid, but I thought I'd try the alcohol/glycerin mix anyway.
After 14 days, the saint, still alive, was finally dispatched by means of an injection of carbolic acid.