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a toxic white soluble crystalline acidic derivative of benzene

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He uses body spray and deodorant as well as after shave, as distinct from the carbolic soap of yesteryear.
The actor - who played cult hero Ianto - was asked to help out with a show by rappers The Carbolic Sound System.
The shop, named Emerald Stores after the ground floor Emerald unit where it is based, features old-fashioned items like carbolic soap and egg powder.
Back in the 1950s the only thing you had was carbolic soap, and I don't think we had the health problems we're getting now.
On the other side of the space were bars of red carbolic, yellow Sunlight and green Puritan soap, boxes of Omo and Tide washing powder and a bottle of 10001 with the unforgettable TV advert, "Cleans a big big carpet for less than half a crown.
Earlier, an infant was confirmed dead after birth since carbolic acid was used instead of an antiseptic liquid to sterilize during delivery.
Authorities have been closely monitoring the river since late Saturday night, when a tanker truck overturned on a highway near the river, resulting in the spillage of the truck's load of carbolic acid.
He had observed sewage workers clean the waste with a sweet-smelling liquid containing carbolic acid.
The ward was spotless due to lots of carbolic soap and hard work.
Lister moved to Edinburgh in 1853 and, seven years later, took the chair of clinical surgery at the University of Glasgow, where he successfully introduced carbolic acid to sterilise surgical instruments and to clean wounds.
The carbolic acid in the soda will eliminate smells while the water rinses the spot clean.
FROM sheep's head broth to carbolic soap, our grandparents certainly had it tough.
There have been several attempts to rubbish the claims, including an allegation that his wounds were self-inflicted by him rubbing carbolic acid into his hands.
In examining the process and formula for making vaccines, we find they contain poisons such as glycerine, carbolic acid, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, and the toxic pus of diseased animals, humans or eggs.