alicyclic compound

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an aliphatic compound that contains a ring of atoms

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The cases discussed go beyond the interests of terpene chemists and are likely to be of interest to all concerned with problems of carbocycle construction.
Writing for professionals, the authors cover theoretical studies on acetylenic scaffolds, synthesis of heterocycles and carbocycles by electrophilic cyclization of alkynes, addition of terminal acetylides to CO and CN electrophiles, transition metal acetylides, acetylenosaccharides, semiconducting poly(arylene ethylene)s, polyynes via alkylidene carbenes and carbenoids, macrocycles based on phenylacetylene scaffolding, carbon-rich compounds, shape-persistent acetylenic macrocycles for ordered systems, and chiral acetylenic macromolecules.
His research interests centre on the design and development of catalytic carbon-carbon bond forming reactions for the enantio- and stereocontrolled synthesis of bioactive carbocycles and heterocycles.