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And he levelled his carbine at Dantes, who felt the muzzle against his temple.
Caught a man stealin' carbines, sir," said the corporal.
All the time that he had been speaking, the dubious-looking men with carbines and dirty slouch hats had been gathering silently in such preponderating numbers that even Muscari was compelled to recognize his sally with the sword as hopeless.
Just as much as the rusty old carbine I have compared him to.
He stood on the bank with his back to me, and his carbine on his shoulder.
So tensely was he strung, that a bunch of quail, exploding into flight from under his horse's nose, startled him to such an extent that automatically, instantly, he had reined in and fetched the carbine halfway to his shoulder.
To make the wait endurable, he sat down, his carbine resting on his knees.
And all this he saw in such brief time, that he saw it as he lifted his carbine to his shoulder.
From the Woods, on a roan horse, carbine across pommel, rode the young man with the quick black eyes.
He put the carbine away in its boot, mounted, and waited impatiently, balancing the shirt of apples on the pommel.
I came into the salon just as my quartermaster was pointing his carbine at the countess, his brutal way of asking for what she certainly could not give the ugly scoundrel.
I'm superannuated enough to admit remembering when decent original Ml Carbines could still be purchased for sums in the double digits, and even then, with a pretty ready supply of originals available, there was still enough demand for some companies to start making copies of them.
The US Cavalry usually fought dismounted with carbines, using their sabers and revolvers in a melee.
produced several thousand M I Carbines during the 1950s.
The M4 and M5 Tactical Piston Carbines feature 14 1/2" and 16" chrome-moly vanadium alloy barrels, Samson Manufacturing free-float quad-rail handguards and Magpul Industries CTR six position buttstocks.