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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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The havili or residential compound and dukkan or shops in paragraphs twenty-four and twenty-six were partly adjacent to "royal lands" while the shops in paragraphs twenty-seven and twenty-eight partly adjoined the "royal hammam" or bath located near a caravansarai.
He also endowed all the immovable property/one shop located outside the Kabul fortress and near to the caravansarai and the "royal" public bath.
Despite the enormous size of the historical period and geographical region covered in this book, Hillenbrand eschews a traditional chronological or dynastic approach, opting for a broadly typological one in which the monuments are grouped under the following chapter heads: "The Mosque," "The Minaret," "The Madrasa," "The Mausoleum," "The Caravansarai," and "The Palace.
The reason for the brevity of the title becomes significant when one notices that chapters two to four have the very straightforwardly descriptive titles of "Terminology: From Khan to Caravansarai," "The Patronage of Mamluk Rural Inns," and "The Architecture of Rural Khans in Bilad al-Sham during the Mamluk Period.
Subhash Parihar looks at the wall paintings in a 17th-century caravansarai built by the Mughals.