Caranx crysos

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fish of western Atlantic: Cape Cod to Brazil

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Individuals of nine species represented 93% of the total Sargassum catch (in decreasing order of abundance): Stephanolepis hispidus (planehead filefish), Caranx crysos (blue runner), Cheilopogon melanurus (Atlantic flyingfish), Balistes capriscus (gray triggerfish), Seriola rivoliana (almaco jack), Parexocoetus brachypterus (sailfin flyingfish), Monacanthus ciliatus (fringed filefish), Decapterus punctatus (round scad), and Coryphaena hippurus (dolphinfish).
Scutes are defined as scales that have a raised horizontal ridge or a small to moderate projecting spine on the posterior margin ending in a point not exceeding a 120[degrees] angle; for detailed description and illustrations of scute formation and development in Caranx crysos (Mitchill) see Berry (1960).
Scale and scute development of carangid fish Caranx crysos (Mitchill).
Unidentified tilefish Pomatomidae, Bluefishes 49 Pomatomus saltatrix Bluefish Rachycentridae, Cobias 50 Rachycentron canadum Cobia Echeneidae, Remoras 51 Echeneis naucrates Sharksucker Carangidae, Jacks 52 Alectis ciliaris African pompano 53 Caranx bartholomaei Yellow jack 54 Caranx crysos Blue runner 55 Caranx hippos Crevalle jack 56 Caranx latus Horae-eye jack 57 Caranx ruber Bar jack 58 Caranx spp.
The next most abundant species in the landed catch was blue runner, Caranx crysos, which made up only 2.