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type genus of the Carangidae

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Caranx defensor = Caranx hippos (Linnaeus): Crevalle Jack, Jack Crevalle; p.
Fish species collected in the Badagry Lagoon and their relative abundance in 2006-2007 Family Species Habitat Time (in adult) Sep- 06 BAGRIDAE Chrysichthys auratus Freshwater 5 Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus Freshwater 21 Chrysichthys walkeri Freshwater 1 Clarotes laticeps Freshwater 2 CARANGIDAE Caranx carangus Marine 12 Caranx sp.
Ecologia das comunidades de metazoarios parasitos do xareu, Caranx hippos (Linnaeus) e do xerelete, Caranx latus Agassiz (Osteichthys, Carangidae) do litoral do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Natural spawning of the bluefin trevally Caranx melampygus in captivity.
2) Mugilidae J 5 Lutjanus argentiventris (2) Lutjanidae J 6 Epinephelus panamensis (2) Serranidae J 7 Hoplopagrus guntheri (2) Lutjanidae J 8 Canthidermis maculatus (1) Balistidae J 9 Gnathanodon speciosus (2) Carangidae J 10 Alectis ciliaris (1) Carangidae J 11 Caranx caninus (1) Carangidae J 12 Caranx caballus (1) Carangidae J 13 Caranx Vinctus (1) Carangidae J 14 Seriola peruana (1) Carangidae J 15 Tylosaurus acus pacificus (1) Belonidae A 16 T.
Review of the crevalle jacks, Caranx hippos complex (Teleostei: Carangidae), with a description of a new species from West Africa.
Distribution of carangid larvae (Teleostei: Carangidae) and concentrations of zooplankton in the northern Gulf of Mexico, with illustrations of early Hernicaranx amblyrhynchus and Caranx spp.
Preliminary smoking trials done on the Kenyan coast with marine fish such as Caranx (Nguru or jacks), Siganids (Taffi or rabbitfish), Pomadysis (Paramamba or grunters) and Barracudas (Pengezi) among others have shown that there is great preference in taste and acceptability within the confines of the study regime [1].
Record of the bigeye trevally, Caranx sexfasciatus, and Mexican lookdown, Selene brevoorti, with notes on other carangids from California.
Predator prey interactions in two schooling fishes, Caranx ignobilis and Stolephorus purpureus.
238 111 238 161 Semicossyphus pulcher 135 397 24 89 Caulolatilus princeps 75 54 262 47 Paralabrax clathratus 6 102 92 65 Paralichthys californicus 32 12 49 54 Seriola lalandi 31 74 6 Sphyraena argentea 12 6 18 Cheilotrema saturnum 0 0 21 Paralabrax nebulifer 0 0 18 Cynoscion parvipinnis 3 2 12 Ophiodon elongatus 5 0 3 8 Atractoscion nobilis 12 0 2 1 Girella nigricans 1 4 3 0 Stereolepis gigas 1 0 1 Scorpaena guttata 1 0 0 Coryphaena hippurus 1 0 0 0 Caranx hippos 1 0 0 Total 505 729 755 501 Species Subtotal % Rel % Cum Sebastes sp.
In addition, four more southern species (green jack, Caranx caballus; middling thread herring, Opisthonema medirastre; Pacific sierra, Scomberomorus sierra; scalloped hammerhead, Sphyrna lewini) were collected by gill nets in the Ocean Resource Enhancement and Hatchery Program (OREHP) sampling program conducted by Mike Shane of Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute in the same general time period.
Reported landings identified blue runner, Caranx crysos; shrimp, Penaeidae; and bigeye scad, Selar crumenophthalmus, as uncommon, and all other species were either rare or reported in miscellaneous categories such as "baitfish" or "industrial fish" (Table 2).
Mass mortality of the crevalle jack, Caranx hippos (Linneaus) on the Atlantic Coast of Massachusetts.