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the violent theft of an occupied car

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The peacekeeping mission also reported that three unidentified gunmen car-jacked a vehicle belonging to a UN agency in El Geneina on 21 June.
A 76-YEAR-OLD man was car-jacked in a Liverpool park and the thief drove his car over his leg.
POLICE have found the car stolen on Tuesday night in Frenaros by an unknown thief who car-jacked a man in Frenaros, making off with the car and a briefcase with around e1/470,000 belonging to the driver.
A taxi driver was car-jacked by machete-wielding robbers.
Campbell's place is robbed and repeatedly vandalized and he's car-jacked (maybe his wife didn't love him as much as he thought and her request was payback from the grave).
Let's just say it's the closet we've all ever come to being car-jacked, and leave it at that.