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an extra component of a machine or other apparatus

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The haul included car spare parts and personal care items like perfumes and skin and hair creams.
Acting director-general of Sharjah Civil Defence, Colonel Khalid Bin Kanoon, told Arabic newspaper Emarat Alyoum that the fire started at a car spare parts warehouse in Industrial Area 11, but no injuries were reported.
The story of Mohammed Jawad Al Manami, 41, who became a paraplegic after a severe car accident - but now run his own car spare parts business - is also being told.
A suicide bomber also hit a restaurant, while a vehicle rigged with explosives was detonated in a market for car spare parts.
com, an online store for selling car spare parts has launched its operations on 30th November 2013.
It also includes car rental companies, workshops, car spare parts and tyre service centres.
This cargo service between Jordan and Germany will also serve German exports, including car spare parts, construction tools, industrial and printing equipment and industrial kits to Jordan and the region, in addition to the Far East.
These Iranian enterprises are specialised in public and urban works, building material, food industry, medical equipments, fertilisers and car spare parts.
Qatar may be interested in scouting investment opportunities in Thailand in sectors such as car spare parts and components, electronics, electrical products, alternative energy, biotechnology, petrochemicals, and agriculture, the Thai prime minister said.
The Syrian pavilion at the Fair includes various products ranging from metal constructions, car spare parts, wood industries, ceramics, food industries, and plastic industries, to medical aid, sterilizers, and detergents in addition to a number of tourism agencies.
Ltd manufacturing recommending vehicles, mini buses, coaches and other car spare parts.
The Tunisian ambassador said the two countries are connected by more than 150 agreements, calling for increasing cooperation and trade exchange and activating the signed agreements to include all fields of cooperation, particularly in fields of manufacturing car spare parts and olive oil.
The Minister said that 79 importation operations of toys, electric products, lighters, car spare parts, gas appliances and shoes were banned in 2009.
This event is not only aimed at encouraging car spare parts traders and shop owners to create effective marketing strategies and develop strong consumer ties that can help stir more economic activity but also seeks to help increase more awareness in the campaign against the sale and distribution of counterfeit car spare parts.
Bakeries, flourmills, wineries, printing houses, firms for production for car spare parts, as well as computer firms are some those having already passed the first filter of commercial banks.