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take someone's car from him by force, usually with the intention of stealing it

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A taxi driver has denied killing a teenager by hitting him over the head with a car jack during a street fight in Birmingham.
A 21st-Century chair, a car jack and a game which helps children learn Braille were among the top designs created by Wales' young inventors.
They kicked him, punched him and started hitting him with a car jack.
She slapped him on the face and he reacted by beating her on the head with her car jack.
After being hit on the back of the head with a car jack, Mr Yates, of Olton, collapsed and died five days later in intensive care.
The next step is to place the car jack on the correct point beneath the car, using your car manual to identify the safest point.
Summary: The mother of a young boy who was hit 11 times with a car jack by another three-year-old boy has won the right to compensation.
A MERSEYSIDE family has won a two year legal battle for compensation after their three year old son was attacked by another toddler with a car jack.
I have the bare minimum mechanical knowledge, but I feel it would be a big help if a battery-operated car jack is invented.
Items taken from a blue Peugeot 206 included a car jack, which may have been used to steal four alloy wheels from a red Ford Focus.
She freed him by prising the bars apart with a car jack before pulling him backwards.
WORCESTER- A city man was in custody yesterday after he allegedly beat a 21-year-old man over the head several times with a scissor car jack inside a Lucien Street apartment, returning a few hours later after the beating armed with a car jack handle.
No doubt the men will argue that in such circumstances it is a woman's job, as much a man's, to get their hands dirty with the car jack and spare from the boot.
At the touch of a button the Electric Car Jack will lift your car, making the job of changing a flat tyre so much easier
Coventry Crown Court heard that Milbourne had hit Richard Murphy over the head with the car jack when Mr Murphy threw his mobile phone and it accidentally hit his car.