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the act of encamping and living in tents in a camp

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While this would be a pilot project, a similar car camping program, called the Overnight Parking Program, already exists in Eugene.
So for rugged romance without regrets, follow this tried-and-tested guide to car camping.
Car camping is camping in a site near your vehicle.
I attribute this and many of my other elk-hunting successes to mobile car camping, which allows me to move about freely and hunt efficiently.
He brought to ACF his practical knowledge of many natural areas gained through bushwalking, ski touring and car camping.
The author revamps her 40 years of camping experience to offer us torrents of practical advice on backpacking, car camping, international travel, taking along children and living on the river, including many a well-practiced campfire recipe.
Newsworthy now because Nevada's senators seek to protect it, the area offers our car camping trip a superb classroom for lessons in wilderness preservation.
It forced the editor-in-chief and managing publisher to toe the line thereafter lest they offend automakers, and a short time later, the editors ran an upbeat feature on car camping.
So help your community do better by giving car camping a chance.
Whether you're backpacking or taking a more minimalist approach to car camping, these foods--recommended by Dirty Gourmet (page 74)--deliver lots of flavor without weighing you down.
50 plus fees and comes with 2 VIP tickets that will provide access to festival grounds, special perks and one VIP car camping pass per ticket.
Located in Shenwan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, with a total site area of 800,000 square meters, the project is intended to be developed into a tourism, cultural and commercial estate village integrated with features of themed-tourism plaza, leisure and resort complex and car camping site in three sectors, mainly consisting of seven sub-parks including Shenzhou Aerospace Park, Outlets Town, Space Agricultural Park, Space Experience Tour, Wentian Science Village, Shengshi Flying Club, Weidu Base, with investment amounted to RMB 7 billion.
There are things-to-bring lists for car camping, canoe camping and the always-necessary Survival Kit Check List: ``A survival kit is like life insurance.
Unless you're car camping and weight is irrelevant, steer clear of steel pegs which are surprisingly heavy.