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a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle

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What's more, one in five car batteries is over five years old, a usual turning point in a battery's life where serious issues begin to show themselves.
The UAE distributor - the authorised vendor for SOLITE car batteries in the UAE - points out that the units are designed specifically for use within the Middle East region.
The plant recovers lead and plastics from scrap car batteries at about 6,000 tonnes per hour or 37,150 metric tonnes of car batteries per year.
Inside the tip, they stole around 25 used car batteries but did not take anything else.
Derek Richardson: My dad, Bill Richardson, worked in a car breaker's yard at the time, and he brought home six car batteries and six car headlights.
com)-- CTEK, a global battery maintenance and care brand, is advising owners of new vehicles to ensure their car batteries are regularly maintained to avoid inconvenient breakdowns and expensive repair bills, resulting from the increasing technological strain placed on state-of-the-art cars.
Mohammed Balushi, manager at Sayarti, said, "The Energizer range of car batteries offers proven hot weather performance.
Summary: Two men have been accused of 20 cases of theft of goods worth half a million dirhams, which include power cables, car batteries, air-conditioners and washing machines.
In order to help drivers bring about the swift recovery of their cars and vans, car parts retailer Euro Car Parts has introduced a promotion on its current range of car batteries.
The issue of the used car batteries stirred the most heated debates since local industry is in favor of the export of the old batteries and some local "recyclers" seem to want to keep the old batteries here.
ATYNESIDE manufacturer which makes parts used in around 50% of Europe's car batteries has swept the board at a national competition after doubling production in five years.
Aluminum to penetrate the market for cathode materials for lithium car batteries in Taiwan and Japan to achieve brisk growth, but will also help its parent company, China Steel, to extend its non-ferrous business reach into the green energy sector.
City residents may include hazardous materials such as antifreeze, car batteries, paint and oil filters in their e-waste trash pile.
The task demands so much energy the equipment drains 50 to 60 car batteries instantly
Conventional car batteries contain water-based electrolytes, which can't burn.