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Synonyms for rallying

the act of mobilizing for a common purpose

the feat of mustering strength for a renewed effort


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rousing or recalling to unity and renewed effort

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This is our 18th Ahmedabad round table car rally and we have been organizing it for the past 18 years.
Since he is world champion in car rally, he should be able to transfer his instincts to power boating racing well.
We expected this heavy turn-out because the excitement for the car rally was seen even days ago," a senior official told Gulf News.
The car rally, scheduled to cover over 600 km, will pass through the Mughal Road, which is also known as the ' heritage' road.
Given the popularity of British automobile manufacturing, engineering and design here in the UAE, a car rally seemed to be a fitting yet unique way to celebrate this special milestone.
The sexy songstress was spotted at the car rally in neighboring Jordan, watching as the cars spun past.
The weekend includes attractions such as motorcycle displays, a classic car rally, stunt riders, live bands, a fairground, a car boot sale and a Battle of Britain pyrotechnic display finale.
The Sunday Sofia car rally included dozens of Trabants, kept in impeccable conditions by their owners, and also a few Wartburgs, another brand of East German car that has kept a somewhat lower profile in communist- and post-communist-era folklore.
Due to flood situation in the country, the car rally would not be able to pass through Pakistan this year.
The annual Pink Car Rally takes place on Sunday, September 4, to raise money for the Little Princess Trust.
The Future Car Challenge, which takes place this year on November 5, is an economy event for the latest vehicles and runs from Brighton to London on the eve of the famous veteran car rally.
SIR - I organise an annual PinK Car Rally to raise awareness of, and funds for, a fledgling children's charity,The Little Princess Trust, which gives "real hair wigs" to children who lose their hair, primarily through chemotherapy.
Other activities include the Model Aero Show, classic and vintage car rally, kite festival, dog show, stunt motorcycles, military aricraft, Air Ambulance, Morris dancing, country market, auto jumble and craft fair.
The Mile of Minis is a precursor for the annual Italian Job Mini Car Rally, now in its 21st year having raised pounds 2.
In the result of the car rally organized by youth organizations on March 31 in Bishkek, specialists determined what they should do to resolve the situation.