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a hooded cloak for women

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monkey of Central America and South America having thick hair on the head that resembles a monk's cowl

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A member of the Detroit-based province and one of the co-founders of the city's Capuchin Soup Kitchen, Casey was born Nov.
Three capuchins tracked during an episode of rock pounding did not use fractured pieces of sharp stone to cut, scrape or dig up anything.
But capuchin monkeys aren't such fools, according to a new study by Yale psychologists that was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.
A rare Capuchin monkey born at Chester Zoo has helped a species threatened with extinction.
As well as being good carers, capuchins have been stars of the big screen for years, even attending movie premieres, like Crystal (right)
Bradford woman Marina Chapman made headlines around the world earlier this year with her extraordinary claim that she spent five years of her childhood alone in the South American rainforest - and that she owes her survival to the tiny capuchin monkeys who accepted her as one of their own.
There are a lot of reasons to suspect that the same selective forces that shaped humans also shaped capuchins, causing both species to share features such as complex political behaviour and culturally transmitted social rituals," Perry said.
We rushed him to hospital, stayed by his bedside day and night, and willed him to live; till his fellow Capuchins came to take him.
Baboons, gorillas, barbary apes, spider monkeys, woolly monkeys, rhesus monkeys, celebes monkeys, celeb monkeys (I'm thinking the one who hung around with Tarzan and that bloke which starred in Every Which Way But Loose), capuchins, tufted capuchins, tamarins, emperor tamarins, langurs, spectacled langurs, mandrills, mangabey, macaques, marmosets, howlers and - the very funkiest of the all, as immortalised by The Goodies' 1975 hit single - the gibbon.
The Capuchins claim the number of meals given out daily has shot up from 340 to 500 in recent months.
Capuchins are well suited to a home environment and are natural "tool users," using their hands to perform functional tasks and manipulate objects in ways no other assistance animals can.
They are present in almost all tropical forest habitats, both rain forest and deciduous forest (Janson, 1985); capuchins can also live in limited or secondary forest fragments, and do not excessively resent human presence (Hawkes et al.
Superior General) of the Capuchins who count 11,000 members worldwide.
Data from capuchin monkeys on other reversal learning tasks such as the Transfer Index (Rumbaugh, 1970, 1997) also place them into a gray area between associative learners and rule learners, and a test of the mediational paradigm using a manual apparatus indicated that capuchins performed below the levels shown by great apes (De Lillo & Visalberghi, 1994).
All observed cases of infant killing by adult males in tufted capuchins occurred after male takeovers, suggesting that infanticide in this species is an adaptive reproductive strategy.