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a wooden armchair with a saddle seat and a low back that has vertical spindles

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Inside this whopping seven-seater it is luxury all the way with large, comfortable captains chairs in the second row and access to the rear by central gangway.
The changes really begin in the second row where on the seven-passenger version it is possible to move the captains chairs so that there is (a) an aisle in the middle for access to the third row (or to fit the moveable console from between the driver and passenger back) or (b) to form a partial bench on the left side of the vehicle.
In its seven-passenger configuration, Sienna features second-row captains chairs with a passenger-side chair that can be moved side-to-side, offering either a bench or a bucket arrangement.
Specification level is high, with all models S to Exec featuring twin airbags and two captains chairs in the second row which swivel to face the rear and slide forward or backward.