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English navigator who claimed the east coast of Australia for Britain and discovered several Pacific islands (1728-1779)

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Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada is a most useful addition to the James Cook literature.
Although beaten at Newmarket, St Nicholas Abbey retains favouritism for the Investec Derby, for which Johnny Murtagh's mount this afternoon, Dundalk maiden winner Captain James Cook, can be backed at 100-1.
of Technology) and Robson (map librarian, Captain James Cook specialist) provide an encyclopedic reference on the Pacific Islands.
Among the book's better-known subjects are Linnaeus, the 18th-century Swedish doctor and naturalist who invented the system by which scientists name new species, and Joseph Banks, best remembered for his 3-year voyage to the South Seas with Captain James Cook.
While this identity energized those static Anglo-Saxon virtues once hailed by Stubbs and other constitutional historians as embodying national character, Wilson suggests the muscular and heroic Captain James Cook an apt metaphor for the new 'Englishness'.
Imagine a South Pacific paradise, steeped in the 18th century history of Captain James Cook and William Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.
This activity book discusses the reasons why Erik the Red, John Davis, Henry Hudson, William Perry, John Franklin, Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Perry, Fredrick Cook, and Gretel Erhlich explored the Arctic; and why Captain James Cook, James Clark Ross, Robert Scott, Roald Amundsen, Ernest Shackleton, Admiral Richard E.
This historic and unglorified account of the third and final voyage of Captain James Cook is told from the perspective of John Ledyard, a young American adventurer and crew member aboard Cook's flagship.
No offence, but would you really place this motley crew shoulderto-shoulder with Captain James Cook, Michael Faraday, Jane Austen, James Watt, Florence Nightingale or Charles Dickens?
He was commissioned by the British Admiralty to compile An Account of the Voyages Undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere (1773), dealing chiefly with the voyages of exploration of Captain James Cook.
They're in famous company, Genghis Kahn brought the recipe out of China into Europe and Captain James Cook ordered it for his voyages because its Vitamin C content helped prevent scurvy.
A STATUE of Marton-born explorer Captain James Cook has been defaced in Australia - as a row over the country's colonial past continues.
2m James Cook University Hospital station and named the train she arrived on - Captain James Cook, Master Mariner - before unveiling an official opening plaque to mark the development of the station, which lies behind the hospital.
DIED PG Wodehouse, author, 1975 REEVA Steenkamp, model, 2013, above CAPTAIN James Cook, navigator, 1779
What was the name of the ship which took Captain James Cook on his first voyage to Australia?