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a Welsh buccaneer who raided Spanish colonies in the West Indies for the English (1635-1688)

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Above, what is believed to be the lost ship of Captain Henry Morgan, left * A team of US archaeologists study the wreckage of a ship they believe to be part of Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet PICTURE: Chris Bickford
Captain Henry Morgan is a fascinating Welsh historical character, born, it is thought, in Llanrumney, on the eastern fringe of Cardiff in 1635, according to the foremost expert on Welsh pirates, Terry Breverton.
The real thing (clockwise from top left)Welsh pirates Howell Davis,Black Bart Roberts (BartiDdu)and Captain Henry Morgan, whose exploits led to him becoming governor of Jamaica; When Black Bart was killed, the English captain was knighted; Terry Breverton; Without Morgan Jamaica would have been lost to the Spanish; Terry Breverton; The piratical image exploited by Hollywood in stars such as Errol Flynn owes much to the exploits of freebooting Welsh captains and crews
The Welsh would prefer to drink with our criminal countrymen like the pirate Captain Henry Morgan and mobster Murray the Hump, alias Murray Humphries.
Virgin Islands, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1671, Captain Henry Morgan led a historic invasion off the shores of Panama.
Captain Henry Morgan, left, whose ship Satisfaction is giving up its secrets to divers, right, off the coast of Panama * A 17th century chest, found near the Lajas Reef near Fort San Lorenzo, which most likely belonged to Captain Henry Morgan's lost fleet of 1671
And finally a pirate, Captain Henry Morgan, buccaneer, governor in the West Indies and Welsh.
th] century privateer, Captain Henry Morgan, for inspiration to live adventurously.
One of the research team leaders, Fritz Hanselmann, an archaeologist with the River Systems Institute and the Centre for Archaeological Studies at the university, said: "For us the real treasure is the shipwrecks themselves, which can give us the ability to accurately tell the story of a legendary historical figure like Captain Henry Morgan.
IT is famously the birthplace of the buccaneer Captain Henry Morgan, yet it cannot now survive a heavy downpour.
The Captain Morgan brand reminds adult consumers, whether diving into the history of Captain Henry Morgan from the comfort of your couch, or setting sail on a new adventure: Raise your glass - always in moderation!
If the now returned Prodigal Son does lead us to the Promised Land, Craig Bellamy will become the most famous son of the Rumney area of Cardiff alongside Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the new Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, Walter Marshall, later Lord Marshall of Goring, Margaret Thatcher's favourite nuclear scientist and (if you believe that particular version of his birthplace) Captain Henry Morgan, the original Pirate of the Caribbean
I WAS astonished to read a letter in Viewpoints from Plaid Cymru councillor Delme Bowen asserting that it was Plaid Cymru which was responsible for the initiative to develop some structured open space in Llanrumney, namely the Captain Henry Morgan Gardens.
THE pounds 225,000 to be invested in Captain Henry Morgan Gardens, Llanrumney, alluded to (Viewpoints, February 25) by Councillors Morgan, Parry and Joyce, is a Plaid Cymru/Lib Dem administration initiative to honour one of the sons of Llanrumney and Cardiff - Captain Henry Morgan - who held letters patent from Queen Elizabeth I and was Governor of Jamaica for many years.
Captain Henry Morgan Born in 1635 in Monmouthshire, he was one of the most notorious and successful pirates of the Caribbean and one of the most dangerous pirates patrolling the Spanish Main.