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British admiral

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Captain Bligh of The Bounty said: 'Tahiti is the paradise of the world' - prompting Fletcher Christian's famous mutiny in 1789.
So Advocaat was a Captain Bligh about to be cast adrift by a mutinous crew of players who couldn't give a fig about wearing the national colours?
Captain Bligh of HMS Bounty brought the first breadfruit tree -- a small part of the West Indian menu at The Bounty restaurant, or Ocean Allegro, a favored hangout of Hollywood's pirates.
He made his US debut playing Fletcher Christian to Anthony Hopkins' Captain Bligh the following year.
Just as well his dad wasn't a fan of Captain Bligh - he could have ended up named after a chocolate bar.
Perhaps it's not surprising that a man so frequently adrift far from civilisation feels such an affinity with Captain Bligh, himself a castaway after the infamous mutiny on the Bounty, 221 years ago.
However, breaking with tradition, Boyne's Captain Bligh is no evil tyrant.
HMS Bounty, famous for the 1789 mutiny between Captain Bligh and Master Mate Fletcher Christian in the South Pacific, was recreated in 1960 by MGM for the 1962 film, Mutiny on the Bounty.
Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson play Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian respectively in this epic, impressive retelling of the true-life mutiny on the Bounty, which saw a ship's crew rebel against their strict skipper during a trip to Tahiti in 1789.
CAPTAIN Bligh thought he had problems when his crew mutinied.
Add Aidan O'Brien's 16-1 second string Mutinyonthebounty in the opener and Captain Bligh couldn't have given punters a more severe beating.
This will have another maritime theme, based on the story of Captain Bligh (following the Mutiny on the Bounty) and his epic voyage.
HE'S famously played Picasso, Hitler, Quasimodo, Nixon, Odin, Captain Bligh, Hannibal Lecter and Richard the Lionheart.
I shared a small boat with Charles Laughton When the weather was really severe Captain Bligh said 'Flog the man sailor If he's dead then just flog his gear'.