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visual examination of the interior of a hollow body organ by use of an endoscope

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One advantage of capsule endoscopy in the investigation of celiac disease is that it offers unprecedented views of the small bowel in its entirety.
One of the main results was that a negative capsule endoscopy resulted in a low rate of recurrence of bleeding events and hospital admission.
Of the 196 patients, 26 (13%) had gastric bleeding as shown on capsule endoscopy.
Key market players within the capsule endoscopy market have been profiled in the report and their strategies have been thoroughly analyzed for understanding the competitive outlook of the market
Capsule endoscopy would gradually replace conventional gastrointestinal monitoring techniques, largely due to the non-invasiveness and convenience.
Despite recent suggestions to the contrary by some video capsule endoscopy (VCE) enthusiasts, push enteroscopy remains the preferred method for evaluation of patients with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), based on the results of his prospective comparative study, said Dr.
The report "North American capsule Endoscopy Devices Market Forecast, 2012-2018", analyzes the market as per the major applications it is used for.
and her colleagues at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Chicago, found that capsule endoscopy identified small-bowel lesions usually beyond the reach of push enteroscopy in 25%-50% of patients; surgical resection of the lesions was either performed or ruled out according to the findings.
Given Imaging (acquired by Covidien) accounts for about 85% of the global capsule endoscopy market share.
CHICAGO -- Video capsule endoscopy appears to equal duodenal histology in detecting villous atrophy and should be used for first-line evaluation of refractory celiac disease, investigators reported at the annual Digestive Disease Week.
Performance of repeat capsule endoscopy in patients with obscure GI bleeding who had a negative or suboptimal first capsule endoscopy often reveals new findings and leads to changes in patient management, according to findings from a retrospective study.
YOQNEAM, Israel, December 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Given Imaging (Nasdaq: GIVN), the global leader in capsule endoscopy, today announced that the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) has issued guidance on the use of capsule endoscopy for detecting small bowel disorders.
Canada Capsule Endoscopy Systems Market Outlook to 2020
New data suggest that product labeling stating that capsule endoscopy is contraindicated in patients with implantable pacemakers or defibrillators may be unnecessary, Manish S.
Reimbursement coverage was initially only provided by third party payors for capsule endoscopy for the diagnosis of obscure bleeding of the small bowel, but as of December 2009, the reimbursement was extended for capsule endoscopy of the small bowel for suspected Crohns' disease, suspected small bowel tumors and other small bowel pathologies.