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Tie up dahlias, keeping strong shoots and watch out for capsid bug.
3Spray Caryopteris with a systemic insecticide to prevent capsid bug damage.
7 CHRYSANTHEMUMS should be inspected regularly and sprayed where necessary against aphids and capsid bug.
TOP TEN Pests 1) Slugs and snails 2) Vine weevils 3) Capsid bugs 4) Mice and voles 5) Cushion scales 6) Spider mites 7) Mealybugs 8) Plum moths 9) Ants 10) Lily beetles
Michelle Cousins, Petersfield, Hants IT 2 would appear that capsid bugs are active.
Palearctic species of capsid bugs of the genus Trigonotylus (Heteroptera, Miridae).
Disbud early-flowering, largebloom chrysanthemums and spray caryopteris against capsid bugs.