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This study was undertaken in an attempt to expand upon the report of Walsh and Hoot (34) by utilizing transition/transversion polymorphisms within the waxy locus introns to examine the relationships between additional Capsicum annuum, C.
Members of the Capsicum annuum include the following:
10) A new antioxidant glycoside, icaricide and five new antioxidant apocarotenoids have been isolated from capsicum annuum, (11) suggesting additional benefits of capsicum oleoresin.
CAPSICUM annuum, also known as the Christmas pepper, is a great houseplant at this time of year.
The new peppers, both of the species Capsicum annuum, take from 63 to 70 days to ripen.
15 Acacia smallii 14 Clematis drummondii 14 Capsicum annuum 12 Pithecellobium flexicaule 12 Prosopis glandulosa 12 Tillandsia recurvata 12 Tillandsia usneoides 11 Leucaena pulverulenta 10 Phaulothamnus spinescens 10 Guaiacum angustifolium 9 Ziziphus obtusifolia 9 Acacia wrightii 8 Fraxinus berlandieriana 8 Heimia salicifolia 8 Malphighia glabra 8 Sapindus drummondii 8 Opuntia lindheimeri 7 Sida sp.
Capsicum annuum is one of five domesticated species of chiles and is notable as one of the primary components, along with maize, of the diet of Mesoamerican peoples.
Solanum trilobatum [27,28]; Capsicum annuum [29] and Solanum laciniatum [30].