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Myocastor is typically classified within the taxonomic Family Capromyidae and as a member of a group of rodents referred to as the Caviomorpha (New World rodents) in the Suborder Hystricognathi.
Las formas vivientes de Octodontoidea se agrupan en las familias Octodontidae, Echimyidae, Abrocomidae y Capromyidae, abarcando las dos primeras la mayor cantidad de especies.
Tan solo nueve especies de roedores neotropicales han sido reportadas presentando autotomia caudal (Muridae [1 especie], Heteromyidae [1], Octodontidae [1], Echimyidae [2], Capromyidae [3] y Chinchillidae [1], ver Shargal et al.