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an island (part of Campania) in the Bay of Naples in southern Italy

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CAPRIO marked his 50th start with a tenth win and one that was undoubtedly his most dramatic as connections had to wait on the outcome of a lengthy photo-finish and then an objection by the trainer of the second home.
Caprio followed the obese teens from the Yale Pediatric Obesity Clinic and measured their glucose tolerance using the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) at three time points over a 3-year period.
He had been so worried he had actually got a postal order and sent it to Di Caprio fearing he would be in greater trouble if he didn't keep handing over money.
Starring: Leonardo Di Caprio and Cate Blanchett Director: Martin Scorsese Run time: 170 minutes.
The 21-year-old Brazilian, who was credited with bringing curves back into fashion when she first hit the catwalk four years ago, still looks a slip of her former self, after splitting from di Caprio last month.
Stefano Caprio, left behind two parishes outside Moscow and is currently in Milan, trying to win the right to return.
Caprio approached three Salt Lake City banks for a business loan to finance his startup, Monet Medical, a firm that buys, reconditions and resells movable medical equipment to the hospital and healthcare industries.
The Croda team included Tuff Rine, plant manager at Mill Hall, who served as ISO coordinator and headed an ISO management team consisting of Dean Myers, quality control director; Joseph Caprio, quality control manager; John Price, GMP/ISO compliance and Cindy Brungard, document control.
Caprio saw breakdown resulting from problems in early emotional development: "something went wrong and kept us from learning how to handle ourselves on the battlefield [of life]".
Largely working from a general thesis advanced by Vincenzo de Caprio (6), Gouwens analyzes how the Sack ruptured this community and altered the outlook of Roman humanists.
Gotta Bite's discoverers -- physiologist John Caprio of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, and Slovenian animal behaviorist Tine Valentincic -- were examing how catfish sense amino acids when they stumbled upon their serendipitous finding.
This is once again a crucial time for nanotechnology in our nation's capitol," said Vincent Caprio, Executive Director, NanoBusiness Alliance.
Caprio was so addicted to the nicotine contained within the defendants' cigarettes that he smoked even after he was diagnosed with lung cancer and COPD.
After "Fast & Furious 7" star Dwayne Johnson, Leonardo Di Caprio has fallen victim to an online death hoax.
Caprio (economics, Williams College) presents 53 essays describing the evolution of a broad variety of international financial systems, addressing historical developments from the origins of precious metal currencies to the establishment of the Bretton Woods system, together with key institutional facets of the contemporary global financial order, including audit regulation, corporate governance, credit rating, exchanges, equity markets, investment banks, Islamic finance, loan markets, microfinance, pension funds, securitization and structured finance, and sovereign funds.