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a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere


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9 in December but still vastly outshines any of the faint stars it passes in eastern Capricornus and southwestern Aquarius.
East (left) of Capricornus is the next constellation of the zodiac: Aquarius, the Water Bearer, also dating from Mesopotamia and closely allied with the Capricornus boat, which he sometimes rode.
Capricornus is home to the distinctive globular cluster NGC 7099, or Messier 30, also known as Bennet 128, which is situated about 3 degrees east of the magnitude 3.
Capricornus will also buy the remaining 50% in Westec from S&T Equity (Overseas) Limited, part of Russia's JSC Snegiri Development, for the same amount as the other half.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: CAPRICORNUS (6.
Further evidence for this is that Amalthea is another name for the constellation, Capricornus, the goat.
Uranus is at opposition on September 5 and well placed in Aquarius while Neptune is in Capricornus and three degrees north of the moon on the same evening.
Like Capricornus, it is a good time to transplant, graft, or prune.
Samuel Capricornus (1628-1665), who served as civic music director in the city of Pressburg (now Bratislava) and then as Kapellmeister to the Duke of Wurttemberg in Stuttgart, produced a significant corpus of sacred music during his relatively brief life.
EST, start of winter in Northern Hemisphere (but summer in Southern Hemisphere): this is the shortest day of the year north of the equator and the one on which the Sun rises and sets farthest south; Sun enters astrological sign Capricornus.
Beginning with Capricornus, there are six ascending
6 in November, speeding eastward through the faint regions of eastern Sagittarius and Capricornus.
The dim outline of Capricornus actually looks more like a tubby boat, as is drawn on our map.
The Southern Delta Aquarids are part of a complex of radiants - or the points in the sky where the meteors come from - in the constellations Aquarius, Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus.
At the 2011 opposition in Capricornus Vesta will be even brighter at magnitude 5.