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(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Capricorn

a faint zodiacal constellation in the southern hemisphere


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the tenth sign of the zodiac

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com)-- In a marketplace that is becoming ever more investment-led and performance-driven, Capricorn Strategies was established to provide unique investment advisory services.
Capricorns need to learn not to follow other people's examples.
Reshuffles and reorganisations could lead many Capricorns towards positions of greater strength as the year ends.
Capricorns are good brokers, politicians, economists and bankers.
Capricorns like to splash out on luxurious curtains with swags, tails and tie-backs in velvet or furry chenille.
I've been shouting and blasting my horn at caravanpulling Capricorns for dozens of years now and I'm still all right
Capricorn DECEMBER 22 - JANUARY 19 Colors: Black, White You need: A podium
Capricorns are smart, even if they aren't academic types - they're streetwise survivors.
IF you are still dithering about whether or not to take out an ISA, chances are you're a Leo, Aries or Capricorn.
Leave it to Taurus and the corporate-chic Capricorn (Dec.
Supervised by the Danish financial authorities, Capricorn Strategies has put together a team of investment traders and managers with a deep understanding of investing in the G-10 currency universe.
Capricorns also have a very romantic nature and the private Marilyn is attracted to personalities far less flamboyant than his own.
Capricorns place a lot of importance on tradition and history and have strong family values.