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an ancient country is eastern Asia Minor

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Tertullian insisted, "It is a fundamental human right, a privilege of nature, that all human beings should worship according to their own convictions," (6) and the Cappadocian Fathers wrote about the poor as being entitled to assistance.
The chapter on Origen, the seminal exegete and theologian, is at the book's center, as he stands between the second-century beginnings of Christian reflection and the Cappadocians.
6) See my "Male and Female in Cappadocian Theology", Journal of Theological Studies, NS, 41, 1990 441-471.
The Cappadocians' rhetoric reveals the continuity of anti-Judaizing arguments in the evolution of these intra-Christian disputes, as the Cappadocians compared their Eunomian opponents to New Testament Jews, argued that as "new Jews" they could not reasonably claim the name Christian, and concluded that not only were these subordinationist Christians not true Christians, but that they were even worse than the divinely rejected Jews whom Christian tradition accused of denouncing and murdering God's messiah.
The statement about us all being Cappadocians topped the list, although I was so busy scrabbling about in the dictionary that it wasn't until afterwards that it occurred to me what an extraordinary -- even revolutionary -- concept it actually was.
Irenaeus, Athanasius, the Cappadocians, Cyril, and Symeon the New Theologian) are treated in turn.
Section 1 looks at the earliest Christian preaching, and Edwards touches down on many of the major figures of this era--the Cappadocians, the catechetical preaching of Chrysostom, and the doctrinal preaching of Augustine.
Differences deepened in the 4th and 5th centuries (compare the triadology of the Great Cappadocians and Blessed Augustine).
All the usual characters are accounted for, from Platonists, Tertullian, and Arius, to Eunomius, the Cappadocians, and Augustine.
Through Asterius's martyrial homilies and related works by the Cappadocians, we can derive a picture of the society and its citizen-believers that eastern Christian leaders were seeking to cultivate.
In this attempt to free theology from the shortcomings of "academic scientism", Orthodox writers in the past half-century have taken as their guide the words of Evagrius of Pontus, disciple of the Cappadocians and of the Desert fathers: "If you are a theologian you will pray truly; and if you pray truly, you are a theologian.
Not surprisingly, then, there are GE[micro]remelis making good in ystanbul, too, with many of the travel agencies near the Sultanahmet tram stop owned and operated by Cappadocians.
John Zizioulas, the source of this trinitarian insight, claims its basis in the fourth-century Cappadocians.
Holman's skill lies in the way she sorts out and illuminates these "rarely straightforward" borrowings that enabled the Cappadocians to bring the plight of the poor into the public gaze.