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the government building in Washington where the United States Senate and the House of Representatives meet

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She added that an investigation will get underway into how Capitol Police and the Secret Service handled the situation, after a woman drove her vehicle into a barricade in front of the White House and provoked a police chase that left her fatally shot by the Capitol building.
According to the report, Ferdaus then began speaking to the agents about his desire to organise an attack on the Pentagon, home of the US military, and the Capitol building in Washington DC.
In order to bypass lines and enter the Capitol building through the express lane, it is not required to have a gun.
Visit Topeka has an amazing opportunity to promote Topeka through the popularity of our beautiful Capitol building.
The one-story house features a balcony view of Oklahoma's State Capitol building, a meeting room with state-of-the art technology that can hold 100 people, a board room and wireless internet access throughout the building.
It takes place on the steps of the capitol building, and the rest of the day is full of master classes and workshops.
AN armed man sparked a terror alert at US Capitol building yesterday when he crashed his car through a security barricade.
Located two blocks from the State Capitol Complex, the subject property features panoramic unobstructed views of the City, including the Capitol Building and the University of Texas and boasts a parking ratio of 3.
The "hatemongering homophobes" were outside again, Joe recalls, flashing their graphic posters and screaming obscenities in front of the capitol building across the street.
It was early in the morning of July 5 when Ed Wiley arrived at the West Virginia state capitol building and began his hunger strike.
publicity operation, to get itself noticed, and went with "Capitol" rather than the more logical "Capital"--it covers more than the capitol building, after all--after focus groups confirmed that the 'o' spelling more effectively conveyed Washington's distinct identity as the seat of government.
When I asked God what I should do after 15 years of killing, I realized that my greatest sin was on the level of love; love of the other,' Chaftari told Members of Congress, community leaders and students at a meeting in the US Capitol Building.
The US Capitol building and White House were briefly evacuated yesterday after a small plane entered restricted airspace over the city.
Capitol building with WallBuilders President David Barton.
Mr Bush raised one hand and placed the other on a family Bible at the Capitol building in Washington as he vowed to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.
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