market capitalization

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an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share

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Coordination of the work of the Project Committee, the Working Group capitalized value and the sub-working groups.
Because expedited production is to the advantage of the royalty owner, a managerial decision to delay activities on the lease diminishes the capitalized value of surface owner's royalty interests; (4) hence, to protect these interests, the courts impose fiats that forbid the adaptive latitude in timing that is critical to economic conservation of the resource.
Calculating the rent is one way to measure the value of this policy-created asset; its capitalized value also represents the maximum level of compensation that liquor store owners should receive in the event that wine is introduced into grocery stores.
Dark matter assets are defined as the capitalized value of the return privilege obtained by U.
He develops a model for forecasting the capitalized value of annual net capital income and the net international investment position.
However, a look at equipment operating lease statistics only shows that the vast majority of the transaction volume is comprised of small and mid-sized transactions of less than $250,000, with average lease terms of less than four years, whose capitalized value would be less than 0.
One could make a case that wealth is just the capitalized value of future income streams, but in the real world there is much more to it than that.
The rationale and illustrations presented thus far have demonstrated that substituting proprietary income for management expenses can be and often is misapplied, resulting in an overstated capitalized value that significantly exceeds reasonable value relative to the cost and sales comparison approach indications for the tangible assets.
Nakamura estimates the capitalized value of these investments using a quite conservative depreciation rate.
A basket of technology stocks might be judged against the Standard and Poors Technology Index while a portfolio of some smaller capitalized value stocks might be compared to the Russell 2000 Value Index.
According to Wellspring, a property using its services nets an average increase in capitalized value of $4,000 per unit.
They lead to an unnecessary degree of cyclical volatility in earnings and, as such, to a reduced long-term capitalized value of the bank.
com, which lost over $1 billion US in its first four years as a public company, has a capitalized value that is 25% the value ascribed to Proctor & Gamble, a company that has been profitable every year but two since it started business in 1837, and has paid dividends to its shareholders every year since 1890.
The aggregate capitalized value of the proposed portfolio is expected to be approximately $200-225 million and will primarily consist of urban/in-fill development locations and difficult-to-duplicate locations in master-planned communities.