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Under a bipartisan capitalist system, it's not surprising that Clinton and other "centrist" Democrats are loyal to the New World Order of "free trade and democracy"--ever the same mind-numbing mantra.
They do not support nor even perceive "any acceptable alternative to the present pragmatic partly statist partly capitalist system.
The main cause of destruction of environment in the world is insatiable thirst of the capitalist system for exploiting natural and mineral resources, Ahmadinejad said.
Niall Ferguson (above) examines the history of global finance and charts the capitalist system through the centuries.
This deregulated capitalist system was described as "the politics of the madhouse" by Arthur Scargill, who pointed to a saner socialist alternative.
Blairism, Thatcherism and such like are labels which hide an essential truth: Prime Ministers do not change the basic nature of the capitalist system, nor could they if they wished to, which quite frankly they don't.
But that didn't change the basic nature of an unfettered capitalist system, whose highest priority has always been profits and power and to hell with the rest.
Can we agree with the bishops that the capitalist system causes injustice, or with Campbell's contention that capitalism is not at odds with fundamental human goods?
Nothing of the basic capitalist system that works so well for customers seemed to be" in Penfield's findings, Ballmer says.
From the grassroots, in other words, Russia's economy doesn't look much like a dynamic, capitalist system driven by competition and consumer choice.
The Tory party doesn't believe in society, it aims to replace it with an exploitative capitalist system.
The current situation of the world and specially the crisis of the capitalist system has increased the necessity for mutual cooperation," Ahmadinejad said before leaving Tehran for Baku to participate in the 12th summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) in Azerbaijan on Monday.
There is a high percentage of people in deprivation who get no benefit from capitalism at all, in fact they seem to be a necessary part of the world capitalist system.
It is the greedy capitalist system that has in fact destroyed itself and in doing so destroyed our country.
So-called "boom and bust" is a part of the capitalist system, and unfortunately some will always abuse the system.