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There must be an additional source of demand that has not already been paid for out of capitalists' own pockets; only in this way can sales price exceed production cost across the economy, enabling the capitalist class as a whole to realise a profit and the economy to grow.
The Purge appears highly progressive in the way it exposes the way in which capitalist class stratification might produce social violence and repression.
On the contrary, the new Tea Party-driven Republican Party, ginned up by what George Jackson called the fascist-corporativism of a capitalist class undergoing the "barbaric deformations" of which Simon Kuznets warned, still had to cloak its class warfare against the working classes in the politics of social conservatism.
Robinson sketches the rise and composition of the transnational capitalist class (TCC) and in less detail describes the more fragmented subordinate classes, still largely circumscribed by national boundaries.
The rise of racist and nationalist elements--in particular the killing spree of Anders Behring Breivik in the summer of 2011--can thus be seen as manifestations of a system in crisis, in which an ethnic or cultural "other" becomes the displaced symbol of a capitalist class whose activities are the true source of social chaos.
The third and longest section assesses the period between 1976 and 2012, dividing the discussion into five streams of scholarship: (1) Class Structure; (2) Marxian Class Typologies in Quantitative Research; (3) The Plural Elite Tradition and Capitalist Class Research; (4) Working Class Studies; and (5) Ascendant Class Trajectories (namely, class analysis utilizing Pierre Bourdieu's concepts and the class analysis of social democracy).
Perhaps one of the main reasons Turkey is never able to face its past is because of the habit of the capitalist class to cooperate with those in power, no matter who they are.
There were those who argued that the decline of the aristocracy and the rise of the capitalist class was evidence of social evolution.
Had Romney won the Presidency and the Republicans the Congress, it would have accelerated to warp drive a capitalist class counterrevolution--a reversal of seventy years of social progress.
Firstly, we live in a global market economy owned and controlled by an enormously powerful capitalist class.
The rising power of labour plus the ability of the state to maintain continuous full employment independently of the capitalist class are the ingredients of transformative politics that can reduce drastically the role of capitalists.
To date, South Africa has seen a relative privilege conceded to a minority of blacks, whilst preserving the pre-existing structures of social inequality, breeding a new capitalist class largely to the detriment of the black masses.
Renting was relegated to the very poor, those who would yet have to earn their diplomas to enter the "house-owning" capitalist class.
This era helped to elevate the capitalist class into a ruling class in Europe and likewise strengthen the political control of merchant groups in African governance.