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a tax on capital gains

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Shiokawa has been calling on the early simplification and reduction of capital-gains tax.
The new law exempts couples filing joint returns from capital-gains tax on up to $500,000 in profit on the sale of a primary residence.
During the Presidential campaign, Clinton announced that he'd all but wipe out the capital-gains tax on home sales.
The president's proposal included some solid long-term structural changes, including a provision for a lower capital-gains tax.
The chairmen of Congress' tax-writing committees will propose making changes in capital-gains tax rates passed by Congress this year retroactive to apply to all transactions on or after May 7.
Seventy-five years after it was enacted, the federal tax on profits from the sale of stock, land or other assets - known as the capital-gains tax - is becoming largely academic to the nation's wealthiest taxpayers.