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a city of central European Russia

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Next stop, Yaroslav – the capital of Russia for all of four months in 1612.
This is what is happening now in the Caspian city of Astrakhan, 800 miles south-east of Moscow and once known as the caviar capital of Russia.
Investments in principal capital of Russia grew 15.
St Petersburg was actually the capital of Russia until 1919, although it became Petrograd when Russia and Germany went to war in 1914, because "Petersburg" sounded much too Ger man.
Also present at the ceremony were some 100 journalists, representatives of the travel industry, and dignitaries from the cultural community of the northern Capital of Russia.
Which Russian ruler was responsible for moving the capital of Russia from Moscow to St Petersburg?
When the Champions League final was on this week every hotel room was sold out in Moscow, and that's the capital of Russia.
The original capital of Russia, it was here on October 25, 1917 that thousands of mutinous soldiers, sailors and peasants stormed the Winter Palace and seized the country's provisional government, which had taken over when the Czar abdicated.
THE old imperial capital of Russia, St Petersburg, with its onion-domed churches, canals, Italian-style architecture and spectacular Hermitage Museum is one of the world's most beautiful cities.
The first tons were mined in Pavandu in 1916, and a trainload was sent to the then capital of Russia to be processed there in the local gas works.
Petersburg, capital of Russia until Moscow regained that title in 1918.
1918: Moscow was declared the new capital of Russia in place of Petrograd.
The cherry on top is then the only hotel of CPI Hotels located in Russia, Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka Moscow , which offers its guests the comfort of some of the most spacious and luxurious hotel apartments in the capital of Russia.
This route runs 1 flight per week on Fridays, linking the capital of Russia and the famous Central coastal city of Nha Trang.
But the Rugby Park gaffer insists the experience has convinced Kyle his future lies in Britain after being put off the prospect of moving to the club based in the kidnap capital of Russia.