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the cost of long-term improvements

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22, 2009 (CENS)--Backed by the deep pocket of their parent firm Formosa Plastics Group, Nan Ya Technologies and Inotera Memories, two major DRAM (dynamic random access memory) makers, will spend NT$64 billion on capital outlay next year, 2.
The capital spending by the 3,021 firms accounts for some 25% of total capital outlays by Japanese companies, a key component of Japanese gross domestic product.
Cash said the 1994 capital outlays will be in three principal areas: oil and gas exploration and production, principally reserve acquisitions; expansion of underground natural gas storage operations; and customer growth-required additions to retail gas-distribution operations.
Private consumption and rebounding corporate capital outlays came under hot debate at a Sept.
Capital outlays increased from $48 million in 1987 to $146 million in 1991 and are expected to average close to $200 million per year over the five years 1992-1996.
The district's financial reserves have thinned as a result of planned capital outlays as well as past large salary increases and personnel additions for police and security functions, leading to the Rating Outlook revision to Stable from Positive on July 7, 2006.
Capital outlays planned by five leading Japanese steelmakers for fiscal 1999 total 384.
8% decline in their combined capital outlays, the bank said.
Leasing offers a low initial investment because large capital outlays are avoided and working capital is preserved.
1 million net income deficit was posted in fiscal 2004 as a result of additional agency personnel utilization and $4 million in one-time capital outlays for a new information system.
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