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a tax on capital gains

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While final decisions have not been made, Clinton is considering tax law modifications to eliminate ``shorting against the box,'' to make companies pay more tax on dividends they receive from other companies, to limit interest deductions on the longest-term bonds and to make individuals average the price of shares purchased when computing capital gains taxes, to name a few.
Beyond deferral of capital gains taxes and depreciation recovery, 1031 TIC exchanges offer ease of property ownership in the form of fee-simple, deeded fractional interests in institutional, investment-quality real estate; a pro-rated share of cash flow, depreciation and appreciation; typically independent professional asset and property managers; established governance rules and voting procedures among property owners; and a simplified closing process.
Best of all, neither man is currently liable for capital gains taxes on any appreciation of their properties.
If we look at the different scenarios for capital gains taxes (and this not meant to be a political commentary), the only way that federal capital gains taxes will stay at 15 percent is if, 1) Romney wins the election, and, 2) the House and Senate are both controlled by the Republicans, and, 3) Obamacare is repealed, and, 4) the Bush tax cuts remain in effect.
John Kitzhaber's budget included $25 million in cuts to capital gains taxes if those funds are reinvested into Oregon businesses.
In general, when the inflation rate is moderate, capital gains taxes lead to an increase in rents, an increase in the home-ownership rate, a small reduction in number of large houses in the economy, and an increase in the net foreign asset position.
He discusses estimating capital gains taxes, depreciation, benefiting from a stepped-up basis, the primary residence exclusion, exchanges, installment sales, trusts, real estate investing in an IRA, and working with advisors, including a list of those recommended.
Knowledgeable real estate investors can sell one property and buy another without having to pay federal capital gains taxes on the transaction, at least not right away.
Policy debates about the level and appropriateness of capital gains taxes almost always revolve around the long-term capital gains tax rate and the length of the requisite holding period.
At the same time, the maximum tax rate on selling land--when all the capital gains taxes, land transactions taxes, and assorted other taxes are included--can reach as high as 80 percent.
The difference between the sale price and the property's fair market value can be deducted, offsetting capital gains taxes incurred by selling the property.
This would permit the estate to reduce the value by the amount of the capital gains taxes it would pay on the sale of the assets.
Capital gains taxes should be simplified by establishing a single long-term holding period for all types of assets and eliminating multiple preferential rates.
Commissioner,[1] the Tax Court found that the gift tax value of stock in a closely-held corporation should not be discounted to reflect capital gains taxes that would be owed if real estate owned by the corporation were sold.
The plan includes seeking incentives such as a sales-tax exemption on commercial space operations and eliminating capital gains taxes for investors in high-tech industries.