capillary action

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a phenomenon associated with surface tension and resulting in the elevation or depression of liquids in capillaries


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This experiment confirms that only under the sway of capillary force can CNTs/epoxy dispersion processed with the sonication parameters used in this study infiltrate into the inter- and intra-bundle gaps.
The same principle under water remains an exciting perspective, because without air there is no capillary force.
The role of the capillary force will not be considered in our analysis because the meniscus curvature induced by the gravitational force around the nanometre-sized particles is negligible.
Only capillary force is used to move fluid through the chip.
After conventional water flooding process the residual oil in the reservoir remains as a discontinuous phase in the form of oil drops trapped by capillary forces and is likely to be around 70% of the original oil in place [1].
SEM images demonstrated that van der Waals attraction force alone can compact a latex coating under conditions devoid of surface tension and capillary forces, which means capillary forces are not necessary for latex film formtion.
The predominant forces are the gravitational and capillary forces.
It is produced by sintering, whereby fine powders of WC and Co are heated up so the cobalt melts and the material is pulled together by capillary force.
From the Taylor's works, the deformation and break up process of the droplet is related to the ratio of the viscous force to capillary force, which is expressed in the capillary number shown in Eq.
Small capillary gaps have a strong tendency to hold the solder because the capillary force in these cases is strong.
The good coincidence between the hydrophobizing of the exposed resist by surfactant adsorption and the pattern collapse reduction demonstrates that: (i) the hydrophobizing of the resist causes a decrease of the capillary force and thus a pattern collapse reduction; and (ii) the .
is the developer of medical and consumer products that use its patented Capillary Force Vaporizer (CFV) technology.
11) pointed out as the macro-flow velocity was sufficiently low the micro-flow front might advance ahead of the macro-flow front by the action of the capillary force.
With Cerdak, the exudate is permanently locked into the ceramic by a strong capillary force, ensuring a uni-directional flow of exudate.
The flux must be sprayed on the board and flow into the barrels by its capillary force.
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