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a monosaccharide sugar that has several forms

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We conclude that persistent low capillary blood glucose in a patient on high inotropic support can be an early indicator of limb ischaemia and should be interpreted with caution.
Considering the potentially damaging neurological effects of neuroglycopaenia, it may be argued that the mere suspicion of hypoglycaemia, whether through symptoms or patient history, should validate the administration of supplemental glucose in the absence of quantitative measures of serum or capillary blood glucose concentration.
Study site: University-affiliated municipal hospital Test category: Capillary blood glucose.
At the present, no instrument on the market provides all of the features that we believe are necessary to assist in managing the quality of bedside capillary blood glucose testing.
Capillary blood glucose measured by the laboratory phlebotomy team.
For a capillary blood glucose or cholesterol determination done at any of the participating pharmacies, the percentage of closeness to the homeostatic set point (95% dispersion of the mean value) was calculated as follows (9,11):
The technique for capillary blood glucose analysis is minimally invasive and causes minimal lesions.
Contract award: aoo 2014-159 supply of consumables for the measurement of capillary blood glucose and blood ketones with making available drives.
5 are representative of results obtained from diabetic subjects and illustrate the good agreement between the two ISF glucose measurement methods as well as between ISF and capillary blood glucose measurements.
Contract notice: Aoo 2014-159 supply of consumables for measuring capillary blood glucose and blood ketones with making available to readers.
Capillary blood glucose as measured with the Glucometer Elite (Bayer) at the emergency room showed values of 8.
Framework Agreement for the supply of test for determination of capillary blood glucose for the Health Service of La Rioja strips.