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a member of the Capetian dynasty

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While the Capetians run out of direct male heirs in the 14th century, the succeeding royal homes of Valois, Bourbon, and Orleans are all descended from the Capet male line.
Agnes's writings, for instance, can be studied within the categories of royal and Capetian sanctity, (9) and the three works can be analyzed in terms of Franciscan (Agnes and Felipa) and Carthusian (Marguerite) spirituality.
The Capetian rulers of northern France were successful during the opening decades of the thirteenth century in expanding their control into fractious southern France, subduing the baronies of the south, adding these rich areas to their domain, and in the process falling heir to older and better rooted Jewish communities.
The high insecurity of rule of the early Capetians contributed to the difficulty of contracting.
Why did twelfth- and thirteenth-century Germany disintegrate as a political unit at more or less the same time as the Capetians united France?
Unceasing Strife, Unending Fear: Jacques de Therines and the Freedom of the Church in the Age of the Last Capetians.
Jordan's The French Monarchy and the Jews: From Philip Augustus to the Late Capetians (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989) provides documentary evidence and theoretical frameworks for understanding the plight of Jews in medieval Europe.
According to Congar, `to be ordained' was the official formula for the coronation of the Capetians.