Cape buffalo

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large often savage buffalo of southern Africa having upward-curving horns

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The Cape buffalo may be infested with exceptionally large numbers and species of ixodid ticks (Yeoman & Walker 1967); and in respect of cattle, the Cape buffalo is one of the main carriers of corridor disease.
Five feet more, at the point of no return, I am breathing like a lung-shot cape buffalo.
The new species is one of about a dozen known to have solid lumps of bone on top of their skulls, which Longrich speculates was probably used to ram one another head-on in a manner similar to modern-day musk oxen and cape buffalo.
Another fingertip fact: The horns of a rhino and a cape buffalo are made of the same stuff as your fingernails: keratin (KARE-uh-tin).
In Journey Into Africa, you can see white rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, Roosevelt's gazelles and African crowned cranes from the comfort of an open-air tram.
The stats speak for themselves: the game has 25 of the world's most dangerous animals, including lions, grizzly bears, Cape buffalo, rhino, jaguars and more in 9 exotic, rugged locations like the South American jungle, Alaskan wilderness, and the Russian tundra.
Plus, the Zambezi and its tributaries provide habitat for the world's largest herd of elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, African cape buffalo, monkeys, baboons, crocodiles, monitor lizards and black rhinos.
Wild Safari 3D: A South African Adventure (U) A safari across Africa to see Cape buffalo, rhino, leopards, elephants and lions.
Commentary merges cats with the whole of the animal kingdom by picturing their coexistence with the wildebeest, Cape buffalo, Thomson's gazelle, marsh deer, snowshoe hare, and zebra.
The hunts range from alligator in Florida; brown bear in Alaska; deer, elk, bear, caribou and other big game in North America to cape buffalo and plains game in Africa, to just about anything that can be imagined in between.
Among them are cape buffalo, the ogres of the safari kingdom.
From there we went to Hluhluwe-Umfolozi park to try to spot the Big 5 - elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and Cape buffalo.
Rhino and cape buffalo hunters have the same kinda dream.
Across from us sat farmers from southern Zimbabwe who had joined with their neighbors to set up the Bubiana Conservancy, a wildlife cooperative dedicated to the private management of animals ranging from rhino to elephant to cape buffalo.