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the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula at the Torres Strait

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1977), "A pre-contact Aboriginal medical system on Cape York Peninsula", Journal of Human Evolution, Vol.
Highlights along the way might include a bouncy boat ride across the Arafura Sea to windy Thursday Island (named by Captain Bligh as he rowed to Timor after the mutiny on the Bounty), a visit to the ghost town of Somerset (founder John Jardine expected his settlement to compete with Singapore), a walk to the tip of Cape York, and a stop at Weipa to see how Bauxite is mined.
The Cape York Region Package will give remote communities more reliable access during the wet season and safer, quicker trips during the dry season, which means improved freight and tourism access for local communities, as well as lower ongoing road maintenance costs, Mr Chester said.
Hundreds of ACF supporters registered their interest in this new enterprise for Olkola, a partnership between Olkola, Intrepid Travel and ACF, with 11 people from across Australia making it to Cape York to be part of this new chapter.
Selecting Glencore as Preferred Proponent is our best opportunity to see this resource developed and to provide economic benefits not only for the people of Aurukun and Cape York Peninsula, but for all Queenslanders.
The team identified Esperance while exploring a portion of Cape York where the Compact Reconnaissance Spectrometer for Mars (CRISM) on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter had detected a clay mineral.
PROUD: Steve with his dad Bob and daughter Bindi in Cape York last month
In 1997 I attended a public meeting at the new culture centre in Coen, a small township in central Cape York Peninsula.
Yesterday, the state government took a further step, regulating the transport of alcohol to Cape York peninsula, where many Aborigines live.
Large incursions of the virus in 1995 and 1998 were linked with low-pressure systems that sustained strong northerly winds from New Guinea to the Cape York Peninsula.
The wide ranging consultations so far have included flying with Aboriginal leaders and engineers along the entire proposed route from Townsville up to the top of Cape York.
Tim Nicholls oversaw the cut of 27 nurses from the Cairns and hinterland region and another 35 nurses from Cape York and the Torres Strait.
Once removed from their land in shackles, the Olkola Traditional Owners are finally heading home to their land on Cape York Peninsula, writes ACFs Northern Australia campaigner Andrew Picone.
The government of Queensland announced on April 23 a short list of five groups approved to submit detailed mine development proposals for the Aurukun bauxite deposits on the western Cape York Peninsula in north Queensland.
McKenzie said neither Cocklebiddy Cave nor the Rainbow Warrior deserved a place in the top 10 compared to some of the Barrier Reef's best sites, including the Yongala wreck near Townsville, Osprey Reef off Cape York and the Acropolis near Lizard Island.