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an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal

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One of the journalists with us, a Cape Verdean, registered his company within 15 minutes.
For these individuals, whose native languages were Cape Verdean Creole (6) and Haitian Creole (1), the validity of such survey data is limited; this limitation, unfortunately, represents a pattern that occurs frequently in research with linguistically diverse communities.
The label has a branch in Cape Verde called Harmonia that works only with Cape Verdean artists (who include Nancy Veira, Chantre, Mario Lucio and Lura) while Lusafrica works with a variety of nationalities.
Euros are widely accepted although you are likely to get change in Cape Verdean escudo.
Cape Verdean authorities acknowledge the country's role as a transit state and proactively seek international assistance to combat drug trafficking.
Cape Verdean immigrants in America; the socialization of young men in an urban environment.
In February 2012, the Monte Trigo solar energy plant provided 60 of the 80 households in this Cape Verdean village uninterrupted electricity supply for the very first time.
The 18 chapters in this section of the book cover communities that can be classified as belonging to one or more collective imaginaries: continental and civilizational, national, regional, generational, minority, secessionist, ethnic, and professional (for example, African, Arab, Jamaican, Cape Verdean, Galician, second-generational, people working in IT).
We appreciate the gracious visit paid to us by Ambassador Heflin and his staff, as well as the hospitality shown to us by the representatives of the Cape Verdean government.
Connecting service is also available to the Cape Verdean islands of Fogo, Sao Vincente, Sal and Boa Vista.
Hernandez faces another trial beginning later this year in Boston, where he is charged with fatally shooting Cape Verdean nationals Daniel Abreu and Safirdo Furtado outside a nightclub after one of them spilled a drink.
Cape Verdean Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado of Santiago de Cabo Verde, 65
This was followed by a lovely cover of Cesaria Evora's Sodade, which Gardot said hoped would channel the spirit of the Cape Verdean singer.
In 2002, a program of ferrous sulfate distribution to children was implanted in Cape Verdean schools.
Among Atletico's ranks are three Cape Verdean players and the links with the country don't stop there, the club's former manager Juan Carlos Pires de Deus was previously in charge of the Cape Verde national side.