Cape Breton Island

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an island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia

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According to the committee's report, Yavari was actually a surgeon and, prior to coming to Cape Breton Island in November 2013, had worked for six years as an emergency medicine specialist in Dubai, making him overqualified for a family physician practice.
The Bras d'Or terrane of central Cape Breton Island is characterized by low- to high-grade metamorphic rocks intruded by abundant plutons of mainly Late Neoproterozoic age (Fig.
Hornsby, "Staple trades, subsistence agriculture, and nineteenth-century Cape Breton Island," Annals of the Association of American Geographers 79, 3 (1989): 411-434, and Stephen J.
In late August, Morien and Foresight were entering into discussions with provincial officials to reach agreements aimed at ensuring Donkin's development along the rugged Atlantic Ocean coastline of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island.
The Bras d'Or Lakes on Cape Breton Island are now a recently sanctioned UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
The parents of young people in the Barrach area, an imaginary settlement near Mabou, Baddeck and Whycocomagh, in west central Cape Breton Island, fear for their children.
The Cabot Trail loop around the northern tip of Cape Breton Island is one such will give you many memorable sights.
Published in conjunction with the 300th anniversary of Canada's Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site in 2013, this book explores food and food preparation, along with agriculture and the art of gardens, in the daily life in Louisbourg, on what is now known as Cape Breton Island.
Fifteen-year-old Andrea Baxter is thrilled when she is offered a summer job on Cape Breton Island.
Historians of early Canada will be amused that the book inadvertently resurrects a defunct local controversy by situating John Cabot's 1497 landing on Cape Breton Island rather than Newfoundland.
Across the Bay of Fundy is Nova Scotia, a province filled with idyllic fishing villages, whose Cape Breton Island is known for its natural beauty and captivating historical and cultural roots.
Peter's, on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island, biologists were recently surprised to find the world's largest population of boreal felt lichen.
Lawrence, on Cape Breton Island and in Nova Scotia, confirmed the need to coordinate efforts, in no small measure because they knew the French were preparing military responses of their own, throughout the theatre, for the spring of 1629.
MUSCAT: With spinnakers flying and some competitive close- quarter racing, the transatlantic chase began as the Clipper fleet set sail from Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Canada, in Race 12 of the Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race.
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