Cape Breton Island

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an island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia

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According to the committee's report, Yavari was actually a surgeon and, prior to coming to Cape Breton Island in November 2013, had worked for six years as an emergency medicine specialist in Dubai, making him overqualified for a family physician practice.
The Bras d'Or terrane of central Cape Breton Island is characterized by low- to high-grade metamorphic rocks intruded by abundant plutons of mainly Late Neoproterozoic age (Fig.
These rocks continue north of the Roman Valley Fault and into the Avalonian Mira terrane of southeastern Cape Breton Island (Fig.
Cape Breton Island is part of the province of Nova Scotia: its history is complex, and the conditions surrounding its re-annexation with the mainland were unusual and are still publicly contested by a small, but vocal, minority.
Such rocks do not occur in adjacent Ganderia or Avalonia in Cape Breton Island or southern New Brunswick, further demonstrating the regional significance of the Canso Fault in tectonic reconstructions.
In comparison, non-faulted granitic and metasedimentary rocks elsewhere on Cape Breton Island exhibit much lower transmissivities and 20-year safe yields averaging 5 [m.
She hosts concerts there with highly regarded traditional music performers such as Andrea Beaton, a fiddler from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and Cillian Vallely, of Armagh, Northern Ireland, who plays traditional Irish music on the uilleann pipes and low whistle.
In the early years of the twentiet century, a close-knit working-class consciousness had taken root in the steel making centre of Sydney, Cape Breton Island.
Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, was the home of five Canadian boxing champions during the mid-1960s.
After a short break in New York the ten matching yachts again left for another leg- this time to Cape Breton Island in Canada.
Although he has been a priest in the diocese for 17 years, his work has been concentrated at churches on Cape Breton Island (which is part of Nova Scotia) and in the Halifax area, he noted.
BY THE MID-19TH CENTURY, the Mi'kmaq of Cape Breton Island, much like the Mi'kmaq on the Nova Scotia mainland, were nearly destitute.
Overall, this study did not reveal a clearly identifiable cause for the continued absence of moose in southeastern Cape Breton Island.
There is a particular feel to MacDonald's style and voice that shares common ground with the sense of tightly knit community in Laurence's Manawaka novels--that taut and binding grip that the small prairie town held on Morag Gunn and Hagar Shipley is strongly felt on Cape Breton Island for Lauchlin himself, for his mother, Johanna, and for the gossipy neighbours who equally help and harm.
The film, entitled Song of Eskasoni, features Joe speaking in her gentle voice and telling the story of the Mi'kmaq people of Cape Breton Island.
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