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has announced that ISO 9002 quality system certification has been granted to the Aero M Group for manufacturing aluminum electrolytic capacitators in Juarez, Mexico.
Harry Village led a Walter Mitty lifestyle by claiming he had a wife suffering from cancer while he plundered from Power Capacitators, in Tyseley, for over a year, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
The project has attracted interest from the Japanese Government and will see the creation of a range of vehicles which use advanced batteries, fuel cells and ultra capacitators with only water vapour emitted.
Its strength, high density, and chemical properties make it a valuable metal used in the manufacture of capacitators in high-tech and medical devices, including mobile phones and laptop computers.
PMP film, for example, can be thermoformed into speaker cones and PPS film has potential in high-temperature electrical insulation and capacitators.
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which are man-made substances, are most commonly used in manufacturing transformers and capacitators, but they are also found in such products as carbonless copy paper, pigments and casting waxes.
Tantalum powder is compacted for use in producing passive capacitators and is the key to reducing the size of the cell-phone.
The tubing is also used for various types of transformers, capacitators, and connectors that are prominent components of these devices.