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king of Denmark and Norway who forced Edmund II to divide England with him

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IN THE 11th century, King Canute took his adoring courtiers down to the sea shore to show them that he did not have the power to control the tides.
2015, in the Canute Town Hall at 604 Hwy 66, Canute, Oklahoma.
Trainer Dave Morris insists he did not have a bet, but he took clear pride in having got it right and was especially pleased for owner Richard Nunn, who owns King Canute and also led him up.
Stationer Andrew Maddock, 53, said: "We realise it is a bit like King Canute holding back the tide and it feels like a David and Goliath situation, but we have to make a stand.
We have been building out our electronic trading platform in Asia, tripling the number of clients on the algorithmic customisation platform and adding access to three new markets in the past year,' Canute Dalmasse, head of execution services for Goldman Sachs in Asia Pacific, said in the memo, referring to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
It is time Paterson was moved on to play with his badgers, rather than playing King Canute with our flood defences.
Dad-of-two Sam, 40, dubbed King Canute, is burying dirty topsoil under fresh earth at his four-bedroom home in Moorland.
Peter Horn debuted his brand new Mark Mills-designed Canute at Audi Victoria Week in 2010 and made an immediate impression, winning Division 2 of the IRC Series.
Any person who opposes your opinion is not a flat earther or King Canute, to use your paraphrase.
promoted to president, manufacturing; Scott Canute elects to take a leave of absence after period of strong leadership
Canute, current president, manufacturing, will be taking a leave of
A thousand years ago Sweden's King Canute, clearly a man who liked a celebration, declared that Christmas should last from the feast of St Lucia (December 13) to January 13.
Emma then married the Danish king, Canute the Great, and proved she had some of Ethelred's mother's qualities.
1 The piano; 2 Otis Redding; 3 Edward Lear; 4 Gerald Ford; 5 Turkey; 6 The tiger; 7 Kramer v Kramer; 8 REM; 9 King Canute (Cnut); 10 Ann Jones.
Contrary to sentiment that the $4 million sand-pumping plan was defeated by Yankee tightfistedness, pure and simple, we prefer to believe that Chathamites, like wise King Canute of legend, were fully aware of the futility of trying to sweep back the tide.