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Synonyms for Canton

a small administrative division of a country

provide housing for (military personnel)

divide into cantons, of a country

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While the cantons of Central Switzerland tend to stand out because of their low tax rates, the two Basels plus Zurich and rgau shine in terms of the accessibility of the population, the workforce, and airports.
Mountain Cantons with Below-Average Levels of Locational Quality
However, a closer look at the individual parts of these cantons shows that the city of Bern and the Nyon region boast above-average attractiveness.
Those students in the German-speaking cantons, however, also surpassed their Swiss peers with an average score of 535 compared to 528 and 523 from the French and Italian regions, respectively, versus the OECD mean of 498.
German-speaking cantons achieved an average of 518, compared with 502 and 501 respectively achieved in the French and Italian regions.
Karine pops in from the legal advice centre in the next room to give new arrivals lists of contacts in the different cantons to which they may be sent.
This money comes from the Federal Government, which provides a set sum for each asylum seeker, but leaves it up to the cantons to decide how much should be retained to pay for accommodation and social workers' salaries.
BASEL, Switzerland -- Day Software (SWX:DAYN), a leading provider of global content management software, today announced that another of its premier customers, the canton of St.
Second, if I move to a canton like Vaud or Geneva, how long do I need to stay there before I apply for Swiss Nationality?
Swiss nationality consists of three layers: first, you are a citizen of a town or place, then a citizen of a canton and finally a citizen of Switzerland.
Carlos Canton was stabbed at the home of the singer for the group Five for Fighting, where Alba Canton was house-sitting while Ondrasik was performing in Las Vegas.
Garcia and Alba Canton were allegedly having an affair at the house when Carlos Canton arrived to take his wife to dinner.