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Synonyms for Canton

a small administrative division of a country

provide housing for (military personnel)

divide into cantons, of a country

References in classic literature ?
He said, "It ain't muddy in a Protestant canton when it rains.
The Protestant and Catholic cantons have since had their separate diets, where all the most important concerns are adjusted, and which have left the general diet little other business than to take care of the common bailages.
In the first place, I sought for the position of mayor in the canton, and in this I succeeded.
The final decision in this matter, which gave some property to the Commune, in the possession of which we were confirmed by the Council of State, made me a person of great importance in the canton.
It would take on board the furs collected during the preceding year, carry them to Canton, invest the proceeds in the rich merchandise of China, and return thus freighted to New York.
Pammer thanked him for ongoing support of Ministry of Culture and Sport of Sarajevo Canton and commended activities of the ministry, especially cooperation established on different levels of government and in other BiH cantons.
The primary purpose of the Strategic Plan is to create a plan that will provide direction to Canton staff, Cantons Leisure Services Advisory Committee and the Canton Township Board of Trustees for future direction of the operations of the department including staffing, goals and strategies.
Findings from the triennial survey of 400,000 15-year-old students from around the globe revealed those in Switzerland's German-speaking cantons were at the top of their class in each of the three subjects examined: math, science and reading.
Switzerland, after all, is a country which is used to diversity, with its four national languages and its largely self-governing cantons.
The jury draws on a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the approximately 2,100 web presences of federal offices, cantons and local authorities.
Deputy Chair of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly House of Peoples Mladen Bosic at today's press conference in Sarajevo said that he had filed a request for constitutionality review of certain provisions of the constitutions of five cantons in the Federation of BiH in which the constitutionality of the Serb people or Serbian language and Cyrillic script is not recognized.
Credit Suisse's most recent locational quality analysis shows that Cantons Zug and Zurich continue to lead the rankings.
Therefore, if the assemblies of the Tuzla Canton, Una-Sana Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Sarajevo Canton and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton have at least one Croat in their assemblies, then these assemblies will give at least one Croat to the House of Peoples, regardless of the ethnic structure of the population in those cantons,' Mr.