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temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

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Summary: New Delhi [India], December 17 (ANI): The Defence Estates Day, which is celebrated every year on December 16, commemorates the Constitution of the Cantonment Departments.
Smt Sitharaman complimented the Cantonment Boards for their efforts in achieving the ODF target and urged the boards to sustain and further improve the facilities created and drives conducted by them, with more zeal and enthusiasm.
While Talking to The Frontier Post the cantonment denizens and the students of Abbottabad city evinced serious concern over the closure of the park for the public.
Final logistical preparations are underway in the remaining five divisional cantonment sites so registration can commence early next week.
LAHORE -- All private educational institutes established in cantonment areas have been directed to shut down within 15 days, while the private schools association has expressed concern over the directives issued by the respective cantonment boards of Punjab.
Presently there are 62 Cantonments in the country located in 19 states and fall under the jurisdiction of 5 Army Commands.
The polling for local bodies election in as many as 42 Cantonment Boards in the country was completed on Saturday.
He said these party based local government elections, being held under the Cantonment Local Government (Election) Rules, are underway with best possible efficiency and shall duly conclude by 5 oclock.
The bench asked Deputy Attorney General to give final date for holding elections in cantonment boards.
The RCB has also requested ruling party MNA Malik Abrar and elected members from the cantonment areas to take up the matter with the federal government.
LAHORE -- Local government (LG) elections, which started at 8 am in Lahore and Walton Cantonments culminated peacefully here Saturday on its set time of 5 pm.
RAWALPINDI -- The polling process at the polling stations of Rawalpindi and Chaklala Cantonments was generally observed to be at snail pace.
He said the CGH was the only public sector healthcare centre in the Chaklala and Rawalpindi cantonments and it had been in a poor condition for many years.
The LB elections are going to be held in a total of six cantonments in Karachi.
RCB Cantonment Executive Officer Fahim Zafar Khan told that some 400 polling stations would be established for LG polls in the two cantonments.