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temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers

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0ne night, a very long time ago, I drove to an Indian military cantonment called Mian Mir to see amateur theatricals.
Solon is an unpleasant little cantonment, but it has the advantage of being cool and healthy.
Rarely could the inmates of the cantonment boast of having made a full meal, and never of having wherewithal for the morrow.
And as each man reported himself, he said: "This is a bad business," and went about his own forthwith, for every Regiment and Battery in the cantonment was under canvas, the sickness bearing them company.
Shri Parrikar said he has been receiving a number of representations about the difficulties faced by civilian residents of cantonments and these relate to closure of roads in cantonments, problems connected with the works of Defence Act, 1903, inordinate delay in transfer and mutation of properties held on old grant or lease, sub-division and change of purpose, resumption of properties held on old grant, renewal of expired leases, conversion of old grant or leasehold sites in civil areas of the cantonments into freehold and restriction on construction of building and revision of building bye-law.
The cantonments in Nowshera has four wards, Kohat, Rasalpur and Bahawalpur have three wards each while the remaining two cantonments have two wards each.
eing provided by the rangers and army, as the boards pertain to cantonments.
During the hearing, Deputy Attorney General, Shah Khawar appeared before the court and told the bench that at the moment, the government could not give a final date for holding local bodies' elections in cantonments.
The report concluded that the irregularities included, misuse of land in cantonments, diversion of public funds and resources to non-public usage, weak contact management and administration, violation of rules, non-recovery of government/cantonment dues, losses and blockage of public money.
The incident in a cantonment where Maoist fighters are confined has also left the United Nations Mission in Nepal that monitors the cantonments round-the-clock in an embarrassing position.
LAHORE -- Local government (LG) elections, which started at 8 am in Lahore and Walton Cantonments culminated peacefully here Saturday on its set time of 5 pm.
PESHAWAR, October 10, 2009 (Balochistan Times): The security of all sensitive Cantonments Boards of NWFP have been placed on high security alert after terror attack on Army GHQ in Rawalpindi on Saturday.
It has been decided to construct cantonments on permanent bases in Dir and Swat areas of Malakand Agency following the successful Rah-e-Rast operation.
RISALPUR, October 07, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Director General (DG) Military Lands and Cantonment Boards has directed all the Military State Officers and Executive Officers of Cant Boards to submit the particulars of private schools and Masajid located in Cantonments areas.
On great demand of local residents of Swat, Federal government has announced to set up two cantonments in Malakand division, one cantonment would be establish in Swat and other would be set up in Dir while both the cantonments posts would be included in jurisdiction of Mangla Corp.