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a city in southwestern Switzerland at the western end of Lake Geneva

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Geneva, Apr 15 (ONA) Charles Beer, President of the Executive Council of the Canton of Geneva hailed the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said since the dawn of the Blessed Renaissance, which has been known as positive with the others at all levels in a manner that contributed in cementing the humanitarian principles and civilizational values.
It was notably happier than the Canton of Geneva, which has the lowest democracy rating of only 1.
The most important among these commissions are two General Consultative Commissions for regional problems between the Canton of Geneva and the French departments of Ain and Haute-Savoie and the German-French-Swiss government commission for the promotion of cross-border cooperation in the Upper Rhine region.
13 April 2012 - Swiss cable network provider UPC Cablecom said on Friday it had become the sole owner of domestic peer Telemeyrin SA serving 7,000 customers in Meyrin, the Canton of Geneva, after buyingA the municipality of Meyrin's and Geneva Cantonal Bank's shares in Telemeyrin.
During the reporting period, the Canton of Geneva implemented a law criminalizing child prostitution; the Canton of St.
Victoria Hall was renovated in 2006, so this is a longer-term project, and one that would involve the commitment of the city and canton of Geneva with regional participation as well.
Genolier also wants to strengthen its presence in the canton of Geneva in French-speaking Switzerland.
A penal procedure is underway in the Canton of Geneva.
Fertilisers: Uralkali yesterday (11 Mar) released a statement announcing that an order by the Court of Justice of the Republic and Canton of Geneva in relation to the divorce of Dmitry Rybolovlev, Uralkali's controlling shareholder, may apply to the company's assets.
102) For example, in the Canton of Fribourg, such licenses are granted by the Service of Commerce Police, (103) in the Canton of Geneva - by the Service of Commerce of the Department of Economy and Health, (104) whereas in the Canton of Vaud - by the Cantonal Commerce Police of the Service of Economy, Housing and Tourism of the Department of the Economy.
I am pleased to announce the Tribunal of First Instance of the Republique and Canton of Geneva has entirely found in favour of Sir Sean and Lady Connery and has declared the demand the petition of the son of Jean-RenAe Canela totally inadmissible," Contactmusic quoted his agent Nancy Seltzer as saying.
Due to the poor treatment a number of Libyan diplomats and businessmen received from the police in the canton of Geneva, the Great Jamahiriyah (Libya) has decided to stop pumping crude oil for Switzerland and withdraw Libyan assets deposited in Swiss banks which are worth $7 billion," JANA cited an unnamed foreign ministry source as saying in a statement on Friday.
The Government of the Canton of Geneva will give 450 thousand francs to Kyrgyzstan to fight against tuberculosis, reported press service of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Canton of Geneva has a similar provision which has been upheld by the Federal Tribunal (Supreme Court) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).
The fact that the signed deed is deposited with the government of the Canton of Geneva and a formal signature ceremony is held in Geneva may also be attractive for some.