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a city in southwestern Switzerland at the western end of Lake Geneva

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Third, voters in the canton of Geneva already had a long-standing track record in distant voting.
The government of the Canton of Geneva deplores the publication of these
Fertilisers: Uralkali yesterday (11 Mar) released a statement announcing that an order by the Court of Justice of the Republic and Canton of Geneva in relation to the divorce of Dmitry Rybolovlev, Uralkali's controlling shareholder, may apply to the company's assets.
102) For example, in the Canton of Fribourg, such licenses are granted by the Service of Commerce Police, (103) in the Canton of Geneva - by the Service of Commerce of the Department of Economy and Health, (104) whereas in the Canton of Vaud - by the Cantonal Commerce Police of the Service of Economy, Housing and Tourism of the Department of the Economy.
I am pleased to announce the Tribunal of First Instance of the Republique and Canton of Geneva has entirely found in favour of Sir Sean and Lady Connery and has declared the demand the petition of the son of Jean-RenAe Canela totally inadmissible," Contactmusic quoted his agent Nancy Seltzer as saying.
The Canton of Geneva police sought to upgrade legacy systems to meet the evolving public safety needs of the community, which serves as the EU headquarters for the United Nations, as well as hosts numerous embassies and other international organizations.
Background : The Geneva context presents a fairly complex dynamics, with sometimes contradictory trends: on the formal level, the Canton of Geneva in 2002 adopted a law on the International Solidarity (SI), and Geneva has the distinction of being a recognized international crossroads world.
Do the discussion of the tax system of the canton of Geneva and its rules, as well especially the status of the mediator between the trading companies impact on the SOCAR Trading?
The official Libyan news agency JANA in October 2008 cited an un-named foreign ministry source as saying in a statement: "Due to the poor treatment a number of Libyan diplomats and businessmen received from the police in the canton of Geneva, the Great Jamahiriyah (Libya) has decided tosuspend all forms of economic co-operation with Switzerland until the reasons and the motives behind such practices are known".
The airline is a worldwide reference in terms of reputation and quality of service", acknowledged Francois Longchamp, state councillor of the Canton of Geneva and president of the Board of Geneva Airport.
The public transport operations of the Swiss canton of Geneva opted in favour of Hoeft & Wessel's Almex brand when they placed an order for 720 stationary ticket vending machines.
Carlo Lamprecht, Councillor of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and Mr.
During the period covered by this report, the canton of Geneva started a series of consultations to change its religious cantonal law, but the political climate surrounding the issue was not appropriate for a vote.